With unSkript:
  • All your RunBooks and Actions are in one place for easy collaboration, sharing, and updating.
  • With Role Based Access Control -give teams run access only to resolve issues.
  • For sensitive RunBooks - require an approval before the RunBook can be processed.
  • Schedule RunBooks for regular tasks.
  • Connect the same RunBook to multiple environments - dev, staging and production using ServiceIds. No issues with version control in different environments.
  • RunBooks can be completely automated, or run interactively in a step-by-step process.

RunBooks to:

  • Automate away repetitive tasks.
  • Run Healthchecks on your infrastructure
  • Security checks
  • Manage costs
  • and more
Good to know: depending on the product you're building, it can be useful to explicitly document use cases. Got a product that can be used by a bunch of people in different ways? Maybe consider splitting it out!