Run your Terraform Script in an xRunBook

The Action Execute Terraform Command allows you to run your Terraform scripts inside an unSkript xRunBook.

Add & Configure the Action

Add the Action to your xRunBook by searching for Execute Terraform Command and dragging the Action into your xRunBook.

Click the Configuration button to set up your Action. There are four parameters you must add:

  1. Credential: Add the Cloud credential (AWS, GCP) that has access to perform the Terraform action in your Cloud.

  2. Git repository: Enter the .git url for your Terraform script repository, e.g. https://github.com/unskript/Awesome-CloudOps-Automation.git. This field is required.

  3. Directory Path: The path in your Git repo where your script resides. This field is optional.

  4. Terraform Command: Enter the command to be executed. This field is required.

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