Add an Action

Expand the functionality of your xRunBook with additional Actions

Built-In Actions

The screenshots below are from the Sandbox/SAAS, but addition a built in Action with the Open Source Docker works the same way.

To get started quickly, we'll use one of the built-in unSkript Actions to create your xRunBook (you can write your own Actions). From within the xRunBook editor interface, use the search bar on the right to search the available actions.

You can scroll through the results if needed. Once you find an Action that you would like to include in the xRunBook, drag and drop it in the left pane. This will insert the Action into your xRunBook.

Custom Actions

You can also create a custom Action. Click on the Add button and select Action from the drop-down. This will generate an empty Action in your xRunBook that you can use to create your own custom Action.

Name the Action and configure it as per your workflow process.

Read more on Custom Actions on our dedicated page.

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