Create a RunBook Input Parameter

Parameters are the input key:value pairs that can be submitted with your xRunBook in order to run. Let's walk through the steps to create a Parameter for your xRunBook.

Add Parameter

In this step we will define the key for an input (in the example below, we create a customer input key). You can imagine that you might run a xRunBook with the key:value pair customer: John Doe.

As a best practice, use snake case for parameter names.

To add a parameter to your xRunBook, click the Parameters button to reveal the drop down.

Fill in the required information and click CREATE. Once created, the parameter is available to be used as a Python variable of the same name. You can use this in code for custom Actions that you create, or as arguments to the Actions you are using.

Input Types

  • string

  • number

  • boolean

  • array

  • object

  • secret (string obfuscated with *)

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