Action Start Condition

Skip an Action - or force it to run - based on the xRunBook Status

Start conditions allow flexibility in the way RunBooks are executed.

There may be times during a RunBook execution that a step can be skipped - based on different inputs, or values obtained during execution.


Let's look at the Delete Old EBS Snapshots RunBook (this is a built in RunBook that is part of every unSkript install).

There are 3 input parameters for this RunBook:

  • AWS Region (optional)

  • SnapshotID (optional)

  • "days until old."

Here are the steps in the RunBook:

  1. AWS List all Regions

  2. Iterate through each Region to get Snapshots

  3. Delete the snapshots

If the RunBook has a Region supplied as input - there is no reason to run Step 1 - AWS List all Regions. So we can enable a start Condition:

This Action will run if there is no value in the region variable. If there is a value in region - we can skip this step.

Run 1: No region:

  • Get all the regions

  • Find all of the Snapshots in all regions

  • Delete them

Run 2: region = "us-west-2":

  • Skip "get all regions"

  • Find the Snapshots in us-west-2

  • Delete them.

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