Okta Groups Sync

We support manual Okta groups sync. The superAdmin group member can trigger the group sync by clicking on Sync Okta Groups on the User Groups tab.

Credentials required for group sync

unSkript pulls the Okta groups info by using Okta API Token. We would need the following piece of information to configure API access to Okta

  • Tenant URL - This is the url to your Okta domain, in the form https://acme.okta.com

  • API Token - This should be generated by an Okta user who has Read access right to Applications and Groups Okta API. To generate API token, go to Security->API->Tokens->Create token

  • APP ID - This is the ID of the Okta SAML application which was used during configuration of Okta as IDP for Auth0. On the Okta Admin panel,

    • Go to Applications->Application

    • Click on the Okta SAML application, configured for unSkript.

    • The app ID is present in the url as shown below

  • On unSkript, go to More->Settings->Okta API Access and fill in the info collected above.

  • With the Okta group sync enabled, users CANNOT create groups inside the unSkript app.

  • To trigger the Okta groups sync, go to More->User Management->User Groups and click on Sync Okta Groups. These groups can be assigned unSkript roles as explained hereRole Based Access Control

  • However, users still need to be invited to the unSkript app, by the admin. Go to More->User Management->Invite User. Since the groups are already pulled in from Okta and unSkript has the user->group mapping, user will get the role corresponding to the Okta groups, user is part of.

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