Create an Alarm Webhook

unSkript webhook in order to connect your alerting systems to securely with unSkript. In this tutorial, we'll walk through the steps to create a webhook.

unSkript currently supports webhooks for Grafana and AWS (Cloudwatch). The process for creating a webhook is the same for both services.

Create the Webhook

  1. In your unSkript dashboard, go to the Proxies tab. Choose the environment you wish to connect to and then find the Grafana or AWS connection that will be used to connect to the alarm.

  2. If no webhook has been created, there will be a "Generate" button in the webhook column. If you have already created a webhook, the button will say "webhook details".

  1. Click Generate to create the webhook (the same popup appears with "webhook details"):

Use these credentials to set up the connection at Grafana or Cloudwatch.

Pull the Alarms

This step will sync the alarms you have created at Grafana and Cloudwatch to unSkript.

Just to the right of the webhook details button, click the 3 dot menu, and choose "Pull Alarms."

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