HealthCheck Remediation

One of your HealthChecks has failed. Let's remediate the issue.

Your HealthCheck has failed. Each check has a remediation RunBook that can work to resolve the issue.

Remediate the Check

In the Screenshot above, the check has found EBS snapshots that are over 30 days old.

  • The "Click here to fix" button will launch a RunBook to resolve the issue.

  • In the case of "EBS Snapshots over 30 days old," the resolution is to delete the old snapshots.

The way EBS snapshots are deleted is that only redundant/overwritten data is removed. Any data that is current in the oldest backup is saved to a snapshot not being deleted.

  • At the bottom of the menu are options to run the RunBook - -either automatically or interactively.

Upon completion of the remediation RunBook, this Check will be resolved. Repeat for all checks that have failed.

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