Command Line Tool

The unSkript Command line tool
With (short for unSkript-control) allows you to
  • List Existing RunBooks
  • List All Existing Health Checks
  • List All Existing Health Check per connector
  • Run All Existing Health Checks
  • Run All Existing Health Checks per connector
  • Run an existing RunBook
Here are the Options that are supported by the CTL Command
usage: unskript-ctl [-h] [-lr] [-rr RUN_RUNBOOK] [-rc RUN_CHECKS] [-df DISPLAY_FAILED_CHECKS] [-lc LIST_CHECKS] [-sa SHOW_AUDIT_TRAIL]
Welcome to unSkript CLI Interface VERSION: 0.1.0
optional arguments:
-h, --help show this help message and exit
-lr, --list-runbooks List Available Runbooks
-rr RUN_RUNBOOK, --run-runbook RUN_RUNBOOK
Run the given runbook
-rc RUN_CHECKS, --run-checks RUN_CHECKS
Run all available checks [all | connector | failed]
Display Failed Checks [all | connector]
-lc LIST_CHECKS, --list-checks LIST_CHECKS
List available checks, [all | connector]
-sa SHOW_AUDIT_TRAIL, --show-audit-trail SHOW_AUDIT_TRAIL
Show audit trail [all | connector | execution_id]