HealthCheck Parameters

Each Healthcheck use parameters. Most are optional, but can be configured if desired.

Folder Configuration

By Placing your cursor over the folder, a settings gear will appear. Clicking this will open the folder configurations:

The parameters for the folder are broken into two sections:

  • Global: Global parameters can be applied to all of the Checks in the folder. For example, when using the AWS Connector, "Region" is a Global parameter. If specified, all of the healthchecks will be run in that region.

  • Connector Specific: These parameters are specific to the Connector. In this case, we are specifying 14 days and us-west-2.

  • Connector parameters override global.

    • If the global "Region" is set to "us-west-2", but a check's region is set to "eu-west-1" the check's value will be used.

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