Getting started

Follow the steps on the next few pages, and you'll be up and running in no time!

Automating your CloudOps toil has never been easier. With unSkript's prebuilt Actions and RunBooks, you can be automating in minutes.

  1. Install or sign up. What's the difference?

    1. Our Docker container is open source and free to install

    2. Our SaaS Free Trial is 100% free, but hosted in the cloud.

  2. Try a prebuilt RunBook.

    1. Each RunBook has input parameters.

    2. RunBooks are made of Actions that perform a basic task.

      1. Each Action requires a credential to authenticate to a service. They also have input parameters that must be added to complete the action. These can be hardcoded, or variables from previous Actions.

    3. Once the Parameters and Credentials are added to the RunBook, it is ready to go!

  3. Questions? Join our Slack Community!

  4. Create new RunBooks or Actions.

    1. Share your work with a PR in our Awesome-CloudOps-Automation. Show your appreciation by giving the repo a ⭐️ star!

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