This credential will be listed using the name you provide


API key to submit metrics and events to Datadog

App Key

App key for access to Datadog's programmatic API

API Host (Optional)

Datadog API endpoint. For eg:

Steps to get the API and App key from Datadog

API key or client token:

  1. Navigate to Organization settings, then click the API keys tab.

  2. Click the New Key button.

  3. Enter a name for your key or token.

  4. Click Create API key.


  1. Your org must have at least one API key and at most 50 API keys.

  2. Key names must be unique across your organization.

Appplication key:

  1. To add a Datadog application key, navigate to Organization Settings > Application Keys.

  2. If you have the permission to create application keys, click New Key.

  3. Please ensure that the key has the following scopes:


  1. Application key names cannot be blank.

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