RBAC Roles

Access privilege levels in unSkript

Under the User Management category, you will find all of the users who are members of your unSkript Environment. To give them access to RunBooks at various levels, we use the Role Based Access Controls at a group level.

  1. Create a Group and add users to the group.

  2. Add Access at the folder level, at the access level desired.


The lowest level of access control. The viewer can view all of the xRunBooks in a Folder, but cannot run them.


Executors can view all the RunBooks in the Folder, but also can execute RunBooks via the Run button. They cannot edit RunBooks, nor use the Interactive Run feature.


Editors can view and execute RunBooks in the given directory, but also can open the RunBook and make changes.


Approvers can view xRunBooks in the Directory, but may not execute or edit them. The additional access for the approver is the ability to approve the execution of xRunBooks that require approval.


The Requestor is an extension of the Executor role (they can see and run all of the RunBooks in a directory, but cannot edit them). Additionally, requestors can request a xRunBook to be run (and this will require an approval step).

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