Action Iterator

Run the same action multiple times with different input parameters

Reuse the same Action multiple times

Action inputs are generally designed for a single value.

For example, a string input named AWS Region will accept "us-west-2".

But what if you need to test the same action across *many regions*? Rather than hardcoding multiple instances of the same action, you can use the Iterator to execute the same action multiple times.

Example: Using the iterator. The List to iterate entry has 2 values: 'us-west-2' and 'us-east-1'. The iterator will iterate over the parameter 'region'. This action will be run twice (serially) with each value for region.

The values of the iteration are stored in a Dict:

		{<us-west-2 values>}, 
		{<us-east-1 values>}

Iteration with a variable

The List Item can also be a variable. Below, **regionList** is used. The Action will run once for each value in the list.

Iteration with multiple values.

Imagine that you have an Action that takes in two parameters, and you want to iterate through several permutations. This can be done with a list of Dictionaries:

Example: We would like to update the tags of various resources at AWS. If we build a list of dictionaries as follows:

[ {'arn': ['arn:aws:ec2:us-west-2::image/instance'], 
    'value': 'unskript'
  {'arn': ['arn:aws:ec2:us-west-2::image/instance2'],
   'value': 'unskript'

Here we have 2 AWS arn values, and two tag values.

In the Add Tag to AWS Resources, we can iterate over this list as follows:

This reads the output_list, and places the value for 'arn' in the 'resource_arn' parameter, and 'value' in the 'tag_value' parameter.

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