Execute RunBooks based on external events such as Grafana or CloudWatch alarms

If an alarm is being fired at Grafana or Cloudwatch, configure a RunBook to run when the alarm fires.

To automate this RunBook feature, you'll need:

  1. A connection to Grafana or AWS.

    1. A webhook added to your connection.

  2. An alarm set at Cloudwatch or Grafana, configured to send alerts to the webhook:

  1. A RunBook that you would like to run when the alert is sent from the external party.

Once the alarm is created, we pull the alarms into unSkript. We can then attach the alarm to your RunBook.

When the alarm fires at Grafana or Cloudwatch, the webhook will receive the message, and initiate the execution of your RunBook.

Using Alarms


  • Create a RunBook that can automatically remediate the issue.

  • Once the issue is remediated, send an alert to the team, and ensure that the alarms are no longer firing.


  • Initiate RunBooks to diagnose the alarm. With diagnostic information provided immedaitely after the alert sounds, the team will have a better idea of how to resolve the problem.

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