Running RunBooks with Approvals

Sometimes a RunBook has advanced privileges, and should have a 2nd pari of eyes check each execution.
When a RunBook with advanced privileges needs to be run, it makes sense to have another pair of eyes double check the execution.
Using Role Based Access Control, this is possible. In our example, we'll be looking at a RunBook that Drops all tables:
The Drop all Tables Runbook
Drop all Tables Runbook
Step 1: Move your RunBook to a new folder. In this case, the Runbook is in the NuclearOptions folder:
Step 2: open the RunBook details (in the right menu), and choose the "requires approval" checkbox.
Click this checkbox to require approvals
Step 3: Return to the list of Runbooks, and the "Run" button has changed to "Request":
When you click this button, you will enter the input values, and your Runbook will be placed in the approver queue.

Approving a RunBook

Under "Requests" in the top navigation, there is a page listing all RunBook requests:
An authorized approver must approve (or reject) the RunBook execution. Using the User Management, add users to a group with "Approver" permissions for the directory with the RunBook. Those users will be able to approve the execution