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Automate away your Toil with RunBooks
Collaborative automation for your Cloud.

With unSkript:

  • One location for all of your team's RunBooks and Actions - simplifying collaboration, sharing, and updating.
  • Role Based Access Control - allows you to give additional teams access your RunBooks.
  • For sensitive RunBooks - enable a request/approval process.
  • Schedule RunBooks for regular tasks.
  • Connect the same RunBook to multiple environments - dev, staging and production. No issues with version control in different environments.
  • RunBooks can be completely automated, or run interactively in a step-by-step process.

Selected DevOps RunBooks:

  • Change AWS EBS Volume To GP3 Type: This runbook can be used to change the type of an EBS volume to GP3(General Purpose 3). GP3 type volume has a number of advantages over it's predecessors. gp3 volumes are ideal for a wide variety of applications that require high performance at low costAutomate away repetitive tasks.
  • Detect ECS failed deployment: This runbook check if there is a failed deployment in progress for a service in an ECS cluster. If it finds one, it sends the list of stopped task associated with this deployment and their stopped reason to slack.
  • k8s: Get kube system config map: This runbook fetches the kube system config map for a k8s cluster and publishes the information on a Slack channel.
  • Display long running queries in a PostgreSQL database: This runbook displays collects the long running queries from a database and sends a message to the specified slack channel. Poorly optimized queries and excessive connections can cause problems in PostgreSQL, impacting upstream services.
Run Healthchecks on your infrastructure
  • Security checks
  • Manage costs
  • and more