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Connecting Actions

Connecting Actions to build on one another unleashes the full power of your RunBook
With a single Action, your xRunBook can be a powerful tool. But to unleash the full potential of unSkript, we can connect multiple Actions. We do this by placing the output of an Action into a variable, and accessing this variable in subsequent Actions.
Each Action can have it's output saved into a variable for later use. In this example the List of IAM users is saved in the List users:


Our first step is to get a list of all the IAM users in our AWS account. Drag the "List all IAM Users" Action to your RunBook.
List all IAM Users Action
Next, we'll configure this action with credentials (to access our AWS account). There are no required inputs for this action, but let's name the output of the Action "users."
Configuring the Credentials and output of the Action
When we run this Action, the list of users will be saved in the List users.
A partial listing of the users in the list.
We can now use the data in users to build on our RunBook.
In step 2, we'll add a simple Action to the Runbook by clicking + Add -> + Action in the top navigation.
Modifying the list
This code loops through all of the users, and creates another list of the users with "doug" in the name.
Finally, let's send a message to Slack:
Slack Configuration
This Action takes the list of doug_users, finds the length of the list and sends a message to the "devrel_doug_test1" channel announcing the number of users.
The Slack Message
By naming the output of our Action, we can use that variable in subsequent Actions to manipulate the data, and complete further tasks.