UI and Platform Overview

unSkript offers an open source, low code, intelligent automation platform which is built on another open source platform- Jupyter Notebooks.
This section will explain the key components of our platform.

Add Action/ Note

This button enables the user to create their custom actions and custom notes.
  • Custom Action
  • Custom Note


This button can be used to add resources to your xRunBook. Credentials are used to authenticate the resource that you wish to connect to while running an action.


This button allows us to pass parameters to the xRunbook if needed.


This section allows the user to search for a built-in action. Depending on your use case you can modify the sample runbook by dragging and dropping these actions.


This button enables us to configure the action and select credentials.

Run Action

This button is used to execute an action.

First Cell: unSkript Internal

This is the first action of every xRunbook. The unSkript Internal action initializes the kernel and prepares an environment based on which the next/ consecutive actions are run.
unSkript Internal action needs to be executed prior to any other action in the runbook.