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Connect your xRunBook Actions to Slack. Message your team!


Information needed to onboard Slack connector
This credential will be listed using the name you provide
OAuth Access Token
OAuth Access Token of the Slack app

Creating a Slack OAuth Access Token

To Obtain a Slack Access Token, you'll need to complete a few steps with Slack:
  1. 1.
    Create a Slack Application. Choose "from a manifest".
2. Pick the workspace you'd like to send messages to: (If you have yet, join our Cloud-ops-community workspace)
3. In the manifest file, you can name your application:
4. Click through the rest of the steps, and then you'll land at a page with many configuration options. Under "add features and functionality," click "Permissions."
5. Scroll to "Scopes." We need to add 2 scopes for the app to send messages to our Slack Channel: channels:read and chat:write.
6. We're now ready to create the OAuth token. Scroll to the top of the page, and click the green "Install to Workspace" (if you make changes, you'll have a "reinstall app" option).
7. This will create your OAuth token that you can insert into your unSkript Credentials.